Natural green colour from ornamental mustard leaves  2009-05-12

Natural green colour from ornamental mustard leaves 题名
The efficient dyeing of cotton yarns with a plant dye, Ornamental Mustard (Brassica juncea), requires that certain optimum variables be used. Experiments were therefore conducted to standardize the medium of dye extraction, wave length, extraction time, dye material concentration, dyeing temperature, dyeing time, and dyeing pH. The ornamental mustard leaves were extracted in aqueous, alkaline, and alcoholic mediums, and the best color was obtained in the alkaline medium. The results showed that the optical density increased with increased extraction time up to 30 minutes, and further decreased with increase in extraction time. The maximum dye absorption was observed at seven per cent dye material concentration, and increased with increase in dyeing temperature. The dye absorption also increased with increasing pH, and thus the optimum pH selected for dyeing was 10. Thus, dye extraction in an alkaline medium with optimum wave length of 360nm, extraction time 30 minutes, dye material concentration 7%, dyeing temperature 100< degrees >C, dyeing time 45 minutes, and dyeing pH 10, gave excellent results for dyeing cotton yarns.摘要
N.M. Rose, Department of Clothing, College of Home Science, Agricultural University, Hisar 125004机构
2004 年代(期号、卷号)
Asian-Textile-Journal. 2004; 13(9): 73-76刊名
Trade-Journal; Article 期刊类别